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 So I've been working on a variety of knitting projects, most of which I can't write about yet because they're unfinished gifts. I have a hard time working on one project until it's done & then starting on another. It's easier for me to have several things going at once, and turn to whichever catches my fancy at the moment.

Here's a project I can write about because it was finished and gifted a while ago:
BenderA Bender toilet paper caddy! I'm really happy with how he turned out. Made with DK yarn from Knit Picks. Usually I make toys from worsted and use tiny needles. That makes a nice firm knit that holds the stuffing well. But since this pattern had to fit over the toilet paper roll, it seemed important to try and match the gauge.

The pattern was easy to follow, though they have you make all the pieces flat and sew them together. I understand why with the hands and feet -- they have a flat plastic piece inside, and it would be kind of tricky to fit that piece in and then knit up around it -- but the body and head? Makes no sense. If I make another one of these (and I hope I do!) I would knit as much as possible in the round. Less sewing and no seam up the back.

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