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I used to have this thing called The Movie List. In which I watched a lot of old movies, and kept a list of them, and wrote a little thumbnail review of each one. Then last year I got a "real job" and didn't have time to even watch movies, much less write them up.

But lately I've been watching some movies again, and sometimes I even have something to say about them! So maybe it's time to bring back the movie list. Starting with today's movie: Conspirator. A post-war thriller starring Robert Taylor as a British military officer/Communist spy, and Elizabeth Taylor as his wife.

This movie falls into a subcategory of thriller which I call "The Dumbest Woman In The World." Because the protagonist of the movie is in fact The Dumbest Woman In The World. There would be no movie if she had even the tiniest bit of sense. But she does not, and the entire movie hinges on her stupidity. When our heroine realizes that her husband is a Soviet spy selling state secrets, does she flee and go to the police? No, that would be way too sensible. Does she stay to gather evidence? That would be courageous and clever, so she clearly can't do that. What does she do? She tells him over and over what she knows, allows him to destroy the evidence, threatens him with exposure, and taunts him in front of people who could arrest him if they understood her. All the while telling no one else what she knows, and doing nothing to protect herself. Why? Because she is The Dumbest Woman In The World.

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